protect your boss

March 6, 2011 at 2:49 pm (Uncategorized)

In India:

“An angry mob of fired steel plant workers in eastern India took revenge by burning a senior executive to death in his car.

About a dozen or more laid-off people attacked a vehicle carrying Radhey Shyam Roy as he left the factory in the state of Orissa on Thursday. They covered the automobile with petrol and set it ablaze, according to police Superintendent Ajay Kumar Sarangi said.

‘The driver and another employee managed to escape, but Roy was trapped and died later of serious burn injuries,’ Sarangi said.

Last November, an executive at an Indian-Japanese firm was beaten to death in Delhi, allegedly by a mob of sacked workers. Early last year, an executive at an Indian automotive company was lynched by fired workers in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

In 2008, the Indian chief of an Italian-based auto-parts company was beaten to death in a New Delhi suburb by former employees.”

In Florida::

“The Apopka man accused of shooting and killing his boss outside of their workplace will face a judge later Wednesday.

Investigators said Rocky Christian used a shotgun to kill Nassar Alkattan. The shooting happened at 12:45pm in the parking lot of a company called Build Direct Flooring on Cooper Commerce Drive.

Christian admitted to WFTV that he pulled the trigger, but he claimed he did it in self-defense.”

The boss justifies himself with his safety: he has taken a job that exploits others in order to provide security for himself and his family, to whom he owes more than he owes his employees. But what if bossing put bosses and their families at risk? Then, like police officers who beat protesters in order to ensure their safety, wouldn’t workers be justified in forcibly removing bosses from power for their own protection? After all, we wouldn’t want anything bad to happen…


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