i have seen the writing on the wall/don’t think i need anything at all

March 10, 2011 at 6:55 pm (Uncategorized)

There’s no denying the fact that employment picture is changing in ways which do not bring me comfort. A paradigm is emerging — that of a gypsy (or Roma, if you prefer) class that takes up and drops trades as necessity dictates. They’re mobile and are not tied down by things like kids in school and pets that don’t travel well (like my fat tabby that urinates every time I put him into a carrier). Middle-class comfort, so long anathema to the ‘tenured radicals’ of the academy (who, of course, hurl their invective from the bourgeois redoubt of the easy chair), although agonizingly, fitfully slow in doing so, has finally died. Yet from its corpse no revolutionary class has mushroomed forth. Rather we’re left with atomized biota terrified of losing everything it holds dear, too terrified to think even of reform, let alone of revolution. Cognitive laborer and day laborer find themselves equal members of an all-consuming new class category: the precariat.

– Ylajali Hansen “All That Glitters: The Fool’s Gold of Higher EducationGeneration Bubble

from @swaggedwolf (of odd future wolf gang kill them all)


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